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Born and raised on the east coast of South Africa, I was fortunate enough to spend my childhood swimming in the Indian Ocean, enjoying the diversity of cultures and cuisines, and discovering my passion for storytelling - my first acting role being an over the top purple Octopus when I was five, naturally.

Being a part of a family that optimizes the 'go-getter' attitude has shaped the woman I am today. There is never an end line but rather a constant moving post driving me forward always wanting more. I am lucky enough to have my incredible family, wacky friends and a wonderful husband that support this constant hunger.   

After high school, I began studying Psychology and Law, only to discover very soon into this story I would rather play these roles than live them out. And so, I packed my bags and headed off to Johannesburg to study Acting and Writing at The South African School of Motion Picture Medium (AFDA). Trading in the beautiful beaches for bumper to bumper traffic, I found myself in a new and thrilling chapter of my tale.   

My time at AFDA was an incredible journey of self exploration and growth, my studies included acting for theatre, television and film as well as writing for these mediums. On completion of my Bachelor of Arts Degree, I enrolled at The Meisner Studio, and loved it! There was no turning back... I had unleashed the need to share stories and travel the world searching for them!

It seemed a likely gift when I won the Green card lottery, a golden ticket from the universe to achieve my dream of being a successful Actress and Writer in the United States, telling stories that can be seen worldwide. 

I am now based in New York City, a giant playground where I am able to attend amazing workshops and classes, rub shoulders with the most fascinating people, and continually feel inspired to create magic!    

Here it goes...